Lifesaving technology is at the heart of Axiom’s work in the healthcare sector

The medical sector demands the most stringent levels of quality, reliability, and traceability. Our partnerships with leading medical OEMs sees equipment and materials sourced, assembled, and tested by Axiom, relied upon in operating theatres across the world.

The Axiom advantage

We ensure crucial traceability throughout healthcare supply chains. This enables OEMs to combat counterfeits, ensures product lifecycles by mitigating obsolescence, and provides full visibility of components and materials.


Axiom guarantee reliability through bespoke test strategies, developing functional test solutions, and utilising advanced, automated optical inspection to ensure product compliance.


Design for manufacture services that create market-leading products, avoid risks of re-design and produce higher yeilds. 


Can Axiom provide supply chain traceability for medical products?

Yes, Axiom is ISO13485 accredited and can support traceability requirements to the component level. However, we review traceability requirements with each customer on a case by case basis. Axiom does not support sterile or clean room manufacturing.

Does Axiom support low volume medical products?

Axioms speciality is supporting complex electronic assemblies. Therefore low volume, complex medical devices would be supported, however simple, low volume PCBA would not be the right fit.

When looking for a local supply partner who share our passion for quality to deliver fully tested and validated assemblies direct to production lines, Axiom Manufacturing Services are a perfect fit. Bringing a wealth of experience in highly regulated industries and ISO13485 certification within the medical field, Axiom have been invaluable in helping to resolve critical component supply constraints and providing input into design for manufacturing solutions by working with our engineering teams.

A Welsh-based medical device manufacturing company.